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10329 Atlantic Blvd
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 Aftermarket Car Stereo Amplifiers Integrated To Factory Specs

Automotive ElectronicsWindow_Tint_Specialist writes:  
We use Suntek Carbon Film

Audio Designs and Custom Graphics Mobile Electronics Certified Professional
Aftermarket Amplifiers Integrated To Factory Specs | Jacksonville, Florida
Voted #1 in Jacksonville for a reason! 904.566.0900

Audio Designs & Custom Graphics, in Jacksonville, Florida is the premier shop
for your car stereo amplifier installation needs.  

  • Car Stereo Amplifiers Installed
  • Factory Upgrades Installed
  • Double Din Specialists
  • Stereo Installations
  • Navigations Sytems
  • Video Systems Installed
  • Automotive Sensors
Aftermarhet Aplifiers Properly Installed  

Aftermarhet Aplifiers Properly Installed

We install car stereo amplifier upgrades to factory radios. A lot of the newer vehicles have their car steros integrated into the dash board. One thing to consider when installing a car stereo amplifier to a factory radio is the retained accessory power for RAP system.  Many newer vehicles car radios will stay on after you shut the car off and remove the key until the driver door is open. Since most new car stereo systems are all digital, there are remote outputs to leave the aftermarket car stereo amplifiers on after turning the key off, so that they will shut off when you turn the key off instead of opening the door.  

At Audio Designs & Custom Graphics we use special factory integration parts that will retain this feature and keep your factory stereo playing with an aftermarket amplifier after you turn the key off and will shut off when you open the door, just like yourfactory radio is intended to be.

Another specialty installation tool that we have is a real-time analyzer or RTA meter. We use the most sophisticated RTA meter on the market, and Audison Bit Tune. What does this tool do?  It measures the entire band of frequencies that play out of a specific speaker and your vehicle. Why is this important?  Because cars now have very complicated car stereos from the factory that have different crossover points and different equalization for each speaker in the vehicle,  which can cause major problems in the installation of aftermarket car stereo equipment.

For example, the rear speakers of a vehicle may be crossed over with a high past frequency of 120 Hz therefore the crossover isn't allowing Bass to be reproduced in the factory speakers.  95% of stereo shops in Jacksonville, Florida will simply tie into the rear speakers to get a signal if you're adding an aftermarket subwoofer amplifier.  Well if you use the rear speakers that are crossed over and are not reproducing any bass you will not have a good bass signal to go to your sub woofer amplifier.   Although your subwoofers will play they will have a High pass crossover on them and will sound horrible and will not get the full signal that they need, thus reducing the output to almost nothing.  

This is where our RTA comes into play. We hook our RTA up to each individual speaker in the vehicle to determine what the factory radio is doing to each speaker. We can look at the frequency response and see if the signal is a full range signal or a high pass signal.  If it is a High pass signal you cannot use the signal to get bass out of your aftermarket amplifier and subwoofer.  What we do is check each and every speaker in the vehicle and then we can determine what we need to use for signal into the aftermarket amplifier.

Sometimes we may even sum signals together to create a fuller signal. For example if we wanted to lower the crossover point of our aftermarket speakers in our front doors since they are higher-quality speakers we can sum them with the sub woofer and then select our crossovers as we need them to produce the best output.

Audio Designs & Custom Graphics is the only stereo shop in Jacksonville, Florida that is currently using this procedure.  If other car stereo shops are not using an RTA on your factory system to determine what each speaker is doing, then they are simply guessing. You will never end up with the sound you want if you just guessing.

In Audio Designs & Custom Graphics next article we will be discussing about checking for phase issues and why this is very important. Before and after we do our installations.

Audio Designs & Custom Graphics voted #1 in Jacksonville Florida! Come see why! 904–566–0900.

Aftermarhet Aplifiers Properly Installed

Aftermarhet Aplifiers Properly Installed

Aftermarhet Aplifiers Properly Installed

Our Current Special

Aftermarhet Aplifiers Properly Installed

Current Special

Aftermarhet Aplifiers Properly Installed

Come Visit Our Shop On Atlantic Blvd.


We were voted #1 in Jacksonville, FL.

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Aftermarket Car Stereo Amplifiers Integrated To Factory Specs

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